Richard Adams




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Employed at the Capwell hotel      

? :
September 07 1984 (# 30) to September 14 1984 (# 35)


If the character of Richard Adams did not remain in the annals of the show, he should however not be forgotten, because it is partly thanks to him if Peter made install a two-way mirror in the presidential suite of the Capwell hotel.

Responsible for the works in the presidential suite, Richard, obeying Peter Flint's orders, thus installs the two-way mirror, which will become a capital element of all the history of Santa Barbara. The traditional face of the mirror will appear in good place in the suite, while the hidden face will be dissimulated in the laundry adjacent to the presidential suite. Richard explains the working of it. This one is easier. The second side of the mirror is hidden behind a wood shutter. Moreover, a microphone, commanded by a switch, allows to hear the conversations.

Although Peter wishes that this subterfuge remains secret, all the main characters of the town will very quickly know the existence of it. It is first Veronica Gayley who will discover its existence at the reading of the bills, then Lionel, Augusta, Warren Lockridge, and finally the different members of the Capwell family. Peter made it install with the only purpose of freely being able to spy Mason Capwell who, at this time, was living in the presidential suite. Peter did not suspect then the capacity that such a weapon represented...

Because this two-way mirror will be the helpless witness of considerable dramas, of which the resurrection of Sophia Capwell in front of Augusta Lockridge and C.C. Capwell's eyes and especially the accidental death of Dylan Hartley.

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