Barbara Anderson




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1985

Profession : Waitress at La Mesa


? :
January 07 1985 (# 114) to January 09 1985 (# 116)


Everything however seemed to have started right for Barbara Anderson, since she had just found ten days ago a job as a waitress at La Mesa, at the sides of Kelly Capwell and Sally Taylor. Unfortunately, her way crossed, one evening she was closing the restaurant, that of Peter Flint. Obsessed by the memory of Kelly, Peter believes to find her in the person of Barbara. And it is without suspecting the danger which watches for her that Barbara accepts Peter's invitation and proposes him to take this last drink in La Mesa.

Peter's anger against his former fiancée pushes him day after day on the way of madness. And it is with the intimate certitude to be face to face with Kelly Capwell that Peter grasps Barbara, rapes and kills her, leaving for the only mark of his passage, a stocking and a white carnation at her sides. Barbara will be thus the very first victim of the carnation killer (and the second of Santa Barbara).

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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