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Profession : Laboratory assistant at the Santa Barbara hospital


Vernee Watson-Johnson :
January 04
1989 (# 1117)


Colleague of Zack Kelton's, Adele works in the laboratory of Santa Barbara hospital. Her job of this day is to collect Cruz Castillo and to make the paternity test which will determine whether, yes or no, he is Adriana's father. When she takes a sample from Cruz, Adele feels the stress of her patient and knows that the hours to come before the result will be long for him.

Rigorous and procedural, Adele accepts Zack's orders : to deliver the results only to him. However, Adele is also a good citizen, and obeys police orders. This is why, contrary to what she had promised to Dr. Kelton, she gives to detective Cruz Castillo, the results of the paternity test.

Never mind Zack Kelton's accusations, Adele knows that she did what she had to do, since a police investigation is underway. Adele, sure of her decision, faces the reproaches of Zack Kelton and is not afraid of his threats.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Vernee Watson-Johnson