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Sister : Soo Li


Kieu Chinh :
May 25 1988 (# 961) to May 26 1988 (# 962)


It is in a sordid Bangkok that Cain Garver finds Tran-Kwe, while he is looking for his daughter. Tran-Kwe is Soo-Li’s sister. She is in turn victim and executioner, but above all she is never the one we believe she is, and no one really knows her real intentions.

Tran-Kwe does not want young Ming Li to leave the city; she does not want her to leave with Cain for the United States. Tran-Kwe’s real motivations are unknown to us, but during her first meetings with Cain, she assures him that Ming Li does not want to leave this country, does not want to leave with this father resurfaced from nowhere. If, the first time, policemen allow her to escape from Cain, this will not be the case the next time.

She explains to Cain the reality for Ming Li : her father died and abandoned her and her mother. Today, obeying the last wishes of her sister, she takes care of Ming Li as if she were her daughter. She even gives Cain letters, written by Ming Li’s hand, in which the teenager swears not to want him in her life. Cain is not fooled, he knows how to read in Tran-Kwe’s game : he understands that she wants to keep Ming Li with her for the money that she brings her. Later, she organizes a meeting between Ming Li and Cain.

As her meeting with Phillip Hamilton will show it, Tran-Kwe is a drug addicted woman who fights to survive, to be able to continue living in the world she wants to build herself through drugs. However, in front of Phillip Hamilton, she shows courage and assumes her sister’s truth : she never felt love for him; she really loved Cain Garver.

If she wants to keep Ming Li near her, it is only for the money that she can bring him, because she knows that she is not the daughter of Soo-Li and Cain. She also knows that with the departure of Ming Li, part of her world will collapse.

Guardian of secrets, it is a shame to have made Tran-Kwe a cliché of these many abandoned women, plunged into the hell of opium and prostitution after the departure of the Americans. Her role could have been richer, with an intervention alongside Phillip Hamilton in his quest for revenge against Cain Garver...

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