Katie Timmons




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Year of death : 1981

Brother : Keith Timmons


Wendy Makkena :
September 22 1986 (# 547) to October 30 1986 (# 575)


Katie Timmons, although dead during the year 1981, does not stop haunting the spirit of her brother Keith and of Victoria Lane, her rival. Since her death, the one as the other keeps in the depths of his being a sense of guilt for Victoria, and of hatred for Keith. A powerful, overruning hatred towards Cruz Castillo and towards Victoria : a hatred which will eat his heart out from the inside for long years.

Because Katie is adored by her brother. But Katie is in love, deeply in love, with a young man : Cruz Castillo. Katie loves in secret Cruz, she is even crazy about him, and she does not bear Victoria Lane's presence by his side. After he had slept with her only once, Katie started to harass Victoria repeatedly to try to separate her from Cruz.

It is because of this jealousy that Katie accepts Victoria's invitation to go to the beach, without knowing what this latter prepared for her. When she arrives on the spot, Katie finds Tori and Cruz tenderly embraced, living their love fully. Mad with jealousy, Katie goes away from the couple and dives into the ocean. Cruz and Tori attends the scene, without moving at first, because Katie, swimming champion, is an excellent swimmer. Cruz, an arm in plaster, eventually calls for help when he does not see her coming back. Katie dies that day, drowned. And from then on, the life of Keith and Victoria will never be the same.

The memory of Katie will come many times to haunt Keith and Victoria. Her shadow will come to float in 1986 (it will almost be at the origin of a break-up between Eden and Cruz), then in 1987 during Cruz's trial for Elena Nikolas's murder.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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