Sylvia Chandler




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Married to : Ralph Chandler


Jacqueline Masche :
July 29 1987 (# 754)


When Sylvia pushes the door of the Last resort agency, it is to obtain answers to her fears. She is in search of a detective and she finds herself in front of Pearl Bradford and Carmen Castillo.

She talks to them about her husband Ralph and about his strange behavior for one year or so : this latter suddenly disappears for a few hours then, when he comes back, he walks round and round. From time to time, she even followed him to clarify her doubts… But although she loves him, she dreads that he has a mistress. To help them, she confides them the places where Ralph has his habits.

It is Carmen who accepts her proposal, at the same time touched by this woman and by her very strong envy to play the detective, even if she knows that it is not an investigation for her brother's agency. Sylvia is very relieved of Carmen's intervention.

Sylvia goes to the agency and discovers that Carmen plays the detectives, by having taking care of her affair. After a moment of doubt, she attends the confession of her husband on her ill-being to Carmen and, by hearing her husband's fears, she feels very relieved. Both find themselves again on the beach in a big surge of love.

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