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Year of birth : 1952

Date of death : January 1993

Married to : Valerie (199?), Jennifer (19??), Sophia Capwell Armonti (1992-1993)


Former known girlfriend : Andi Klein (19??-1992)

Profession : Fitness professor, employed at Gina Jeans, employed at Armonti industries


Mark McCoy :
March 12 1992 (# 1922) to January 11 1993 (# 2133)


Shady character with a not very engaging personality, Ken Mathis is far from making unanimity in Santa Barbara fans. Fitness professor, Ken meets Sophia Capwell Armonti whom he seduces as this latter is again separated from her husband, the rich C.C. Capwell.

Bringing dynamism and freshness to Sophia, Ken succeeds in making to himself a place in her heart and does not wait until proposing her to marry him. But Ken's motivations are less honest than we could think : avid to take advantage of the beautiful Sophia's fortune, he regularly drugs her with sleeping pills to keep the control over her and abuse of her money.

Ken moreover turns out to have an affair with Andi Klein, a young woman dishonest and greedy for money. Kept under surveillance by C.C. and Gina Capwell, who suspect his bad intentions, Ken goes to Hong-Kong the time of a few days to take advantage of Andi, far from Sophia. But this latter joins them and, ignoring everything of their affair, even goes until proposing a job to Andi at the Armonti Enterprises. Ken puts aside for a while his affair with Andi to dedicate himself to Sophia. He however cannot stand that this latter begins to date police officer Reese Walker and, one evening, he beats her violently by jealousy.

The wedding finally celebrated between Sophia and Ken allows this latter to put the hand on half of the parts of his new wife's company. But Ken always wants more and more, and continues to give drugs to Sophia, until this latter must be hospitalised in a critical state. Kelly, Sophia's daughter, asks police detective Connor McCabe to investigate into Ken. It turns out that he was already married twice, and that his wives are both dead poisoned. The noose is then tightening around Ken, who is finally arrested to be questioned.

While Sophia is still at the hospital, Ken receives in his cell the visit of Andi. Discovering the advance of the investigation, this latter is afraid that the police discovers the role until then well kept that she played in the poisoning of Ken's first wives. She decides to seal Ken's fate. By accepting a cup of tea from her, Ken ignores that he drinks a fatal poison concocted by his mistress. He dies in the minute at the bottom of his cell.

Afterward, the police investigation will show that it is Andi who was at the origin of the death of his previous two wives, and that Ken tried only to weaken Sophia and not to kill her. But it will not be enough to amend Ken the criminal...

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