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Former known boyfriend : Robert Barr (1989)


Colleen Dion :
October 18 1989 (# 1315)


Las Vegas. The hushed atmosphere of a casino. A gambling table. Dina's gambling place. Casino player, Dina seems to also play in life.

This is where her road crosses Robert Barr's. Both seem to be lucky : as if they were each other's luck. Dina is a brown, short-haired woman, the very opposite of a Capwell girl.

In the middle of the betting, another game weaves. And Robert, who fled Santa Barbara, sees in Dina everything that is not from this west coast city, and a woman who is neither Eden nor Kelly. The evening ends with a casual adventure - everything was played in advance for Robert. Besides, after this one and only night, Robert makes the decision to leave Las Vegas and to return to Santa Barbara.

A one-night stand, this is perhaps a part of Dina's destiny.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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