Ben Gillis




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Complete name : Benjamin Gillis

Married to : Maggie Gillis (198?-...)


Profession : Worker on a Capwell Enterprises oil rig


? :
April 05 1985 (# 177) to April 10 1985 (# 180)

Robert Madrid :
June 13 1985 (# 226) to June 17 1985 (# 228)


Former talented sports person (he owns many cups at his home, remnants of a past life), Ben Gillis is presented to Warren Lockridge on a night when the tension between him and Maggie Gillis has become too high, weighing like a too heavy burden on her shoulders.

While Warren learns the existence of a husband and a past for Maggie, this latter advances a wheelchair in the center of the room, and tells the tragedy that struck her life. Ben is paralyzed, blind, deaf and mute since 1982, when he was working on a Capwell oil rig, before it explodes. The different doctors can not decide on his current capabilities. Ben spends his time between a centre and his apartment when Maggie is present and can look after him.

Ben, in more of being the center of a new love triangle, is also the center of a legal battle between Warren and Maggie opposite to C.C. Capwell, whom they judge responsible for the accident on the oil rig. To show that she expects justice and not a financial compensation, Maggie introduces also her husband to Mason Capwell, the only lawyer who has agreed to defend his file against the Capwell empire.

Ben is finally placed in a nursing clinic by Maggie, determined to rebuild her life however without forgetting him. While the legal battle is in full swing, Ben slowly fades, just like the presence of his wife...

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