Rita Grant






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Child : Carrie Grant

Profession : Waitress at Johnny's Place




Loanne Bishop :
December 07 1987 (# 841), January 07 1988 (# 863) to April 22 1988 (# 938)


We hear about Rita Grant for the first time at the very end of 1987, when this latter is received by lawyer Julia Wainwright as a new potential client. Rita was hired by a sterile couple, the Liptons, to carry their child. But meanwhile, she changed her mind and wants to keep the baby.

Rita obtains from Julia that she takes her defense, whereas the Liptons are represented by Mason Capwell. During an audience in front of the judge, Rita feels assaulted by Mason, who considers that she has no right on this unborn child, and makes an eclampsia crisis. Led to the hospital in a serious state, Rita gives birth to a little Carrie. The Liptons, admiring in front of Rita's courage, agree to give up the baby and let Rita obtain her custody.

Welcomed by Julia, Rita gets then offered a job as a waitress in the bar Johnny's Place. She does not see that the one who made her hired, Pearl Bradford, fell in love with her. It is because Rita has rather her eyes turned towards Jake Morton, her waiter colleague, in full love sorrow after he lost his fiancée, Hayley Benson. Rita, all naive, asks then Pearl to help her to attract Jake towards her, by using his creativity to write love letters which she gives then anonymously to Jake. Rita finds Pearl's texts very beautiful and irresistible, without suspecting that Pearl writes them above all for her, in the hope that she understands the feelings he has for her.

While she is hospitalized for stomach pains, Rita entrusts Carrie to Pearl and Jake, who commit very seriously into this mission. At her return, Rita continues to dream only about Jake, and is carried away by reading the letters which she receives in reply, also in an anonymous way. It is while finally discussing with Jake that she discovers that this latter is not the author, and that she understands where is her error. She confronts Pearl, who admits to have fallen in love with her and to be the one who, for weeks, shares his passion for her. Rita is flattered, but embarrassed, because she feels nothing more than friendship for him.

Like Pearl, Rita disappears suddenly from the show at the time of Jake's departure. Kind, but maybe too naive, she will not have been lucky enough to live a real love during her months of existence in Santa Barbara...

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