Rima Beaufort




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Mother : Mabel Beaufort

Brother : Roy Beaufort


Marie-Christine Doucet :
September 28 1990 (# 1557) to November 08 1990 (# 1586)


Rima Beaufort is a shadow within her family : a shadow in the proper and figurative sense; invisible and transparent in the eyes of the others, deaf and mute. Because of her disability and her different character from her family, she could not take part in the life of the Beaufort family. She cannot exist with a brother who seems to occupy all the space. So, to put her life in perspective, she takes refuge in drawing, being also a bit of a prisoner of this house.

Her function in the Beaufort clan is to serve and obey. This is what she is first in charge of taking care of Robert Barr while he is being held prisoner at home. She takes care of him before his escape and after his return, then ill from his sting by a snake. During their long days together, she draws his face as well as Kelly's.

Taken with affection and understanding Robert's deep sadness, it is Rima who defies the clan and the rules of the Beauforts, bringing Kelly home. Despite the violence and the fear, Rima knows that she is right to want to make Robert and Kelly meet again. That is why, seeing Robert at the worst, she helps him to escape on the day of Kelly and Quinn's wedding. To do this, she helps Robert to knock out Mabel, her own mother, and goes to Clara Beecham for help.

It is by chance that she crosses the road of Cruz in a store of the city, and Cruz notices a face on her drawing notebook. Indirectly, Rima will drive Cruz to Clara's, will drive Cruz to Robert. An open door to a new adventure at the Louisiana Bayou...

Certainly unaware of the experience she lived, Rima will slowly return to her little life, stuck between her brother and her mother, unhappy that she cannot live the life she deserves...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Marie-Christine Doucet