Dr. Willoughby




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Identity   Interpreter

Child : Sylvia Willoughby

Profession : Scientist


Jack Bannon :
May 23 1988 (# 959) to June 02 1988 (# 967)


Impassioned of hunting, Dr. Willoughby is a malefic, sinister man, with a stone heart (and we can go far in the qualifiers...), whose cruelty does not seem to know any limit. Of all the malicious characters of the show, he is atypical, because his cruel personality is not motivated by an unspecified revenge towards one of the inhabitants on Santa Barbara.

Fold back on his island, in company of his daughter and of his henchmen, he organizes, for his only pleasure, some gigantic huntings where the prey turns to be a human being. According to his daughter, he has a lot of hunting trophies...

Ready to everything to appease his passion, Willoughby does not hesitate to hunt his own daughter, when this one disobeys to him. Impatient of living one of his more beautiful huntings, Willoughby does not want any disadvantage : his very new preys being Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell.

Whereas he was going to put a term at his hunting, Willoughby will finish by being arrested and led in prison : a cage for a wild beast, eager of blood. Eden and Cruz will have the life safe, thanks to the intervention of Sylvia. A very foreseeable end for a character and an adventure without much interest.

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