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Children : Roy Beaufort, Rima Beaufort


Rutanya Alda :
September 28 1990 (# 1557) to October 08 1990 (# 1563)

Patricia Wilson :
October 15 1990 (# 1568) to November 05 1990 (# 1583)


Far from the clichés of these southern women, Mabel Beaufort is above all a woman who raises her two children alone. Perhaps out of ease, also out of necessity, because of Rima's disease, Mabel left the management of the family to her son Roy. He is the man of the house - after all, isn't he also the sheriff of the city ? However, Mabel's personality is twofold, two different facets that seem to be justified by the change of actress.

During her first appearances, Mabel is an erased woman, always behind her son Roy. It is for all these reasons that she very naturally welcomes her niece with a man in a coffin. She accepts all the more since Flame leaves her an envelope with notes for a simple job : to watch this man, to prevent him from going out and talking to anyone.

She agrees, to help Roy, to get more involved in Robert's care after his escape. It allows Quinn to exchange places with Robert, without Eden Capwell's knowledge.

A few days later, a new Mabel faces Kelly Capwell. For unknown reasons, the woman who faces Kelly no longer seems to need the presence of the sheriff to assert herself. With determination, she puts Kelly at the door of her home, explaining that it is because of Robert Barr that her son is in prison. Feeling betrayed by her daughter - who led Kelly to their home - feeling the danger tightening around her family, with perhaps also the fear of facing Flame, she lets her anger escape by slapping her.

Beyond her personality change, she then seems to feel affection for Quinn. Listening to his advice, it is with pleasure that she announces to Robert the wedding of his Kelly with his double.

A part of her first personality resurfaces when, helplessly, she is stunned by her daughter and Robert (which allows them to escape from this house), or when she is charmed by Craig Hunt, in search of information, disguised as a Bible salesman.

Mabel is a character who hesitates between strength, peculiar to the Beauforts, and a certain naivety.

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