Aurora DeAngelis




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Identity   Interpreter
Real name : Abbey DeAngelis

Date of birth : July 1974

Father : Dr. Micah DeAngelis

  Mother : Mariah Beckwithe

Brother : Giovanni DeAngelis (half-brother)

Former known boyfriend : Sawyer Walker (1992-...)


Christina Brascia :
May 04 1992 (# 1959) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


At her first appearance, Aurora is seen as an appearance by the young Sawyer Walker. All dressed in white, in a princess's dress, with long and curly hair, she sleeps in the darkness, stretched out in a gazeebo lost right in the middle of the Ballymoor property. Little talkative, looking lost and without points of reference, Aurora makes then only the first step towards a new life, her life.

At her mother's death in 1979, Aurora is made out to be dead by her maternal grandmother, Abigail. This latter tries to shield her from her father, Micah, whom she considers unworthy of the Beckwithe dynasty. Aurora is then raised by her grandmother and some domestics at the last floor of the Ballymoor manor, out of sight and of the outside world. Until she crosses the path - and the eyes - of Sawyer. She immediately feels his purity of spirit, his huge honesty and the fact that she can completely trust him.

Conditioned by her grandmother, she does not see that she made her prisoner and refuses at first to listen to Sawyer's incentives to become emancipated of her stranglehold. When she discovers that her father is back in the United States, she takes the defense of the one who raised her. She has to wait until Abigail confines illegally Sawyer and almost kills her with an ax so that Aurora becomes aware of the truth. The accidental death of her grandmother closes this first part of her existence, and makes her finally ready to discover the world and to build up her own personality.

She decides to remain to live in Ballymoor with her newly found father, until a drama arises in the life of the one she loves, Sawyer : suspected of Frank Goodman's murder, this latter is forced to flee the city to escape the police. Aurora follows him, and both run away to Philadelphia, then Boston. Aurora learns for the first time to fend for herself, to find a small job and to maintain a tiny apartment for her and Sawyer. If she supports her beloved in his fugitive's breakaway, she does not appreciate to see him soaking into a case of rigged boxing match to earn money. While Sawyer is acquitted of the murder, Aurora is found by her father and Jodie Walker, and goes back with Sawyer in Santa Barbara.

She discovers that meanwhile Micah and Jodie got closer and have an affair. It disrupts especially Sawyer, who sees in it the promise of a likely divorce between his parents. Aurora, with the naivety and the positive surge which characterize her, sees there nothing to add. It is in the same state of mind that, at the end of the year, she welcomes without batting an eyelid the arrival of a half-brother she didn't know the existence of, Giovanni. She moreover supports his step to be ordered priest against his father's advice.

In spite of the drama of her grandmother's death and every year of lies which she underwent, Aurora crosses the events unless nothing really seems to affect her. It is thus always with a smile on her lips that she attends in the last episode the wedding of her sister-in-law B.J and Warren Lockridge, probably dreaming to wear very fast on herself the bridal dress with her soul mate, Sawyer...

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