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Profession : Judge


Royal Dano :
July 27 1987 (# 753)


The honorable John Ervin is one of the many judges who officiate in the County of Santa Barbara. He presides at the preliminary hearing between Victoria Lane Capwell and the prosecution represented by the district attorney Keith Timmons, within the framework of Paul Marshall's aggression. John Ervin seems to already be familiar with the district attorney's behavior, since at the beginning of the hearing, he blames him strongly for his delay without believing in the silly excuses of this latter.

During the hearing, he accesses the defense motion carried by Julia Wainwright, and orders the temporary placement of Victoria Capwell in a mental institution for an evaluation of her condition. And following the proposal of C.C. Capwell of whom he is a close friend, Judge Ervin goes against the Victoria's wishes, by requiring the placement of Chip with his grandparents.

The hearing ends with this cruel separation for Victoria, who feels more isolated than ever.

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