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Former known boyfriend : Captain Edward Anderson


Courtney Gebhart :
March 30 1988 (# 921) to April 01 1988 (# 923), February 13 1990 (# 1396)


Amelia Bartley's story in Santa Barbara is intimately connected to Captain Edward Anderson's, her fiancÚ, and closely to Pebble Creek, this harbor of love at the edge of the ocean.

It is Helmut who, for the first time, openly makes a reference to Amelia on the occasion of Eden and Cruz's booking. Then, her story is told to the future newlyweds by the hotel manager, Fielding Coe. Amelia Bartley is a character of the past, from the end of the XIXth century. Her story is beautiful and tragic.

The young woman, daughter of a rich businessman, was engaged to the English navy captain Edward Anderson. Her fiancÚ had just crossed the oceans to join the Californian coast and to marry her. It is under her eyes that the boat which approached the coast underwent a violent storm : winds and rains were soon right of the captain's determination and of the resistance of the boat. After a long moment of fight, the boat broke; waves and storm were the strongest during this painful duel, taking at the bottom of the ocean the boat, the cargo, the crew and Edward Anderson.

When Amelia saw that the ocean was unchained, she was at her window, powerless, and she saw the boat shaken by waves and getting irreparably closer to the coast. Amelia saw it striking the rocks and sinking straight to the bottom. She then went out of her bedroom half crazy about fear and ran on the cliff. She then saw her fiancÚ struggling in the sea, before sinking definitively. Mad with grief, she jumped of the cliff, united with him in the ocean if not in life.

Today, the story of Amelia and Edward crossed the years to become a beautiful legend, which love seems to have invested Pebble Creek in every nook and cranny, in its slightest plot of land, in the lightest breath of air. Everything here seems dedicated to the infinite love of these lovers who were not able to concretize their love by their wedding. And if she appears today in our time, it is because she knows that when we really love, there is always some hope. Always... And the love which unites Eden and Cruz is certainly this glimmer of hope.

In each of her appearances, Amelia wears her bridal dress, a wide dress with flounces of the last century, in a south old style. It is at the edge of the cliff, on the rocks in front of the ocean, maybe at the place where the boat of her fiancÚ was shipwreck, that Amelia appears for the first time, in the middle of sounds which looks like tears. It is her dead body that Eden guesses on the rocks. Amelia's silhouette is still there, floating in the middle of the rocks, when the wind takes Eden's bridal dress.

Her second appearance is for Keith Timmons, while he searches the Pebble Creek cellar : Amelia recommends him which bottle of vine to take. She answers his questions evasively and disappears suddenly after Keith asked her if she saw the movie Gone With the Wind, because he finds that she looks like she is coming from this period. We guess then several times her silhouette floating in the Gina and Keith's bedroom, this same bedroom where she should have lived with her fiancÚ.

Then, she comes to help Eden who is embarrassed by the numerous flounces of her dress. She explains her that she is on visit in the inn and that she is used to wear this kind of dress. She entrusts her that she is very happy that she wears this dress for her wedding. By explaining to Eden the way of getting dressed in the last century, Amelia makes a slip of the tongue by saying "We the women...". She adores the view from this bedroom, because we can see the cliffs and the boats coming and going. She then disappears strangely.

Amelia appears furtively in Eden's eyes after the ceremony in bridal dress, where she is joined by her handsome captain Edward Anderson. They both move forward to the ocean, hand in hand, towards the new happiness which waits for them... Towards this new life which gets offered to them...

Her tears are heard again in 1990, during the separation of Eden and Cruz, in a Pebble Creek as empty of any life. She explains to Eden and to Cruz that for three months, her love, her handsome captain, has disappeared. Since then, she is alone here in this big house. She leads Eden and Cruz in rooms separated from the house so that they can find their bridegrooms' clothes and maybe find themselves again, so that she can also find Edward's love again...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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