Pebble Creek 1990 : Reunion for Eden and Cruz


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Torn between two men whom it loves, Eden's heart seems so heavy to carry. First there is Cruz, her husband, this loving man who embodies everything she has always expected, hoped for love. And then there is Robert... the first love that she did not really chase out of her heart. Eden knows that a thread from the past, from her past, still attaches her to him.

Unable to choose, she moved away, then she came back, making a step towards Cruz, then towards Robert, uncertain of where her heart should lead her. And it is Cruz who chose to distance himself, to offer her the choice to break the magnetic force that always brings them back to each other.

While she is in New York for her work, during a private party, Eden meets one of her former teachers, Josh Mason. He is delighted to see Eden : their conversation although friendly seems warm; since Sophia, who is also present at the party, almost reproaches her daughter to chase Cruz too quickly from her thoughts. Sophia insists with her daughter; she must react and fight to save her marriage. As to justify herself and to clear herself of her doubts, Eden then tells her mother how, one day, she surprised Nikki Alvarez in Cruz's bed.

In Santa Barbara, it is Rafael Castillo who tries to make his son listen to reason. Very quickly during their discussion, the tone rises, and father and son argue : Rafael does not understand that Cruz let Eden go to New York. Rafael, just like Sophia with Eden, explains to Cruz that he needs to talk to his wife. But Cruz's ego, or his pride, took over his reason. For Cruz, it became obvious that if Eden does not want to be with him anymore, then he will not beg her to change her mind. During their discussion, Cruz makes his father understand that their separation is not his doing, but it is Eden who bears the responsibility.

Later, while he comes to fetch his son to lead him in the desert where he can free himself from his anger, by confronting it, Rafael puts an end to a passionate kiss between Cruz and Nikki. There, in the desert, perhaps for the first time since their reunion, Rafael speaks with his son. He knows that the situation that Cruz has to face is terrible because beyond having to manage his separation with his wife, he also has to face the demons of his past. Rafael must make Cruz understand that he is not him, and that he must not make the same mistakes. Rafael is intimately persuaded that the demons of the past prevent the essence of what makes Cruz the man he is, from making the first step towards Eden. Rafael tells him that he is afraid of being abandoned again, and that it is all his fault because he abandoned him as a child. Rafael exhorts Cruz not to behave like a caveman anymore. In the desert, rage and anger take control. Rafael hits his son. Cruz almost strangles his father. And Cruz lets out a tear, realizing the man he is becoming.

Before leaving him alone to face his demons, Rafael tells him about his great-grandfather, Santiago. He also gave him a red ribbon that belonged to him. He explains that tonight, he will live an experience where he will be able to free himself from his anger. On leaving, Rafael tells Cruz that he loves him and that he trusts him.

In New York, Eden left the party and Sophia. She took a taxi back to the hotel, but the driver does not seem to know the streets of the city very well. He leaves Eden in a dark alley, and leaves before she could pay for her journey. Followed by a man, she eventually found refuge in an art gallery, the Destinies Gallery, of which she had seen the address in the phone book. There, the old guard shows her around the gallery and leads her in front of a strange painting : it represents a man from behind in a cave, in front of a wood fire. Eden is sure of it, this man is Cruz.

At the other end of the country, Cruz thinks of Adriana's birth, one evening of New Year's Eve in a cave. While a storm rumbles, Cruz takes refuge in a cave where a man, an Indian, is there. They speak a moment before he leaves. Cruz then drinks from a flask and, immediately, the ancient magic of the Indians takes possession of him. Cruz hallucinates and he has the vision of another Indian who is only his double.

On the plane which takes her back to Santa Barbara, Eden dreams that Cruz has a car accident.

In the cave where he fell asleep, Cruz dreams that Eden has a car accident.

The next morning, Cruz leaves the cave and finds himself on a beach which he recognizes. The magical experience of his Indian origins explains this sudden change of setting. Here he is near Pebble Creek. He walks and quickly reaches the road where a man takes him by stop. The man explains to him that he is lucky, because it is at the last moment that he embarked on this road. While driving, he explains to Cruz that he will have difficulty finding a telephone here. However, by chance, after a bend, they come across a public cabin. Cruz joins C.C. and learns that Eden is on her way to Santa Barbara, before the line is cut.

Leaving the plane, Eden tells her mother that she wants to go to Pebble Creek. She feels that she needs to find the magic of this place to win her husband back. She rents a car and goes there, while on the radio, bad weather is reported.

The man drops Cruz off at a gas station. Having no other way to go to Pebble Creek - there is no taxi - Cruz resolves to buy the car for sale. As he tries to start the car, head deep into the engine, he does not notice that a beige car stops to refuel. Eden goes down and walks to the station. They almost fail to notice each other several times but, too preoccupied the one like the other, they do not pay attention. Eden leaves first. Cruz's car starts suddenly, as if it does not want it while Eden was there. Cruz then feels like a presence : he looks around and sees nothing, then leaves.

Both are on their way to Pebble Creek.

The night has fallen and a thick fog spreads on the road. Lost in his thoughts, Cruz hardly notices the car that runs towards him. Eden also hardly notices the car that runs on her, her eyes being attracted by the indication sign of Pebble Creek. Cruz turns suddenly the steering wheel and narrowly avoids the other car. Eden gives a sudden blow of the steering wheel and also narrowly avoids the other car. Because of the fog, they can hardly guess the silhouette of the other driver.

Cruz stops his car on the side. Damaged, it cannot start again. He leaves by foot. Eden's car has a flat tire and Eden notices the absence of a spare wheel in the trunk. She has no choice but to walk the 1 mile that separates her from Pebble Creek. Cruz, at random of his walk, falls on a white horse in a meadow (which is not unlike the horse found the day before his wedding). Without hesitation, he rides it and takes the direction of Pebble Creek.

In the distance, he guesses the hotel, but the horse leads him along the cliffs. Cruz goes down from the horse to admire the view, and immediately the horse runs away. After walking, Eden finally arrives at the hotel and sees the white horse passing among the dead branches of the trees.

On the cliff, Cruz thinks of the vows exchanged, one day in April, as if this place remained impregnated forever of this moment. Then he finds a flower identical to the one he picked up before his wedding.

Eden enters the garden of the hotel by a wrought iron gate : everything looks abandoned. The trees seem dead, the lawns are not maintained, almost entirely covered with dead leaves. The setting resembles those places of fairy tales deserted from all life, from all hope. Eden enters the building in search of a presence, when Cruz advances on the lawn. When Eden arrives on the lawn, Cruz moves away from it to go on the stairs leading to the park. Eden's steps also lead her to this precise place. Eden leans against the barrier, while Cruz, sitting just below her, thinks of the sweet memory of this moment when Eden appeared in a wedding dress, before joining her father. Eden hears in the distance her voice pronouncing these vows, as in a dream, as in another life. Not only the lack of the beloved weighs on their life, but Eden as Cruz seem to have lost a part of themselves and, in this place loaded with memories, this lack makes them suffer cruelly. It is obvious for both of them, they have lost each other : but before finding their love for each other, Cruz will have to find himself and Eden too.

Eden leaves again. Before also leaving, Cruz picks up a new violet.

Eden enters an abandoned building. The reception is empty. The large room is empty. All the furniture is covered with white sheets. The place is abandoned, offered to the passing time... A champagne flute remained on a piece of furniture, alone, remnant of another time.

In the park, Cruz finds his white horse. He rides it and gallops towards the beach. Eden, who arrives running from the gardens, discovers the rider. She knows that it is Cruz. Cruz then notices her. He comes down from the horse. They take a moment to look at each other, to recognize each other. Cruz walks towards Eden. They embrace each other : happy and relieved, hand in hand, they walk towards Pebble Creek. On the way, Cruz swears to Eden that in spite of appearances, nothing has ever happened between Nikki and him. Eden explains however that she saw her in his bed. Cruz tells the truth : she had no other place to go. Eden believes him.

Entering the hotel, Cruz can only note the sad state of the place, identical to their lives. Cruz explains to her that he loves her, that he has never betrayed her. They kiss, while a breath of wind comes to awaken Pebble Creek and the cries of a woman are heard in the distance.

Eden and Cruz decide to discover the origin of the tears they hear, while the hotel seems abandoned by all. They go upstairs to a room. There, as they inspect the place, a mirror breaks, and the ghost of Amelia Bartley appears.

Amelia answers their questions and explains the situation to them : her captain is gone. He abandoned her three months ago, when they broke up. And since then, time has stopped. Yet, thanks to them, they were able to reunite on the day of their wedding... But today, it is over. They are separated again... Amelia runs away, murmuring that she has already told them too much. Her escape allows her to attract Eden and Cruz in separate rooms. They are guided as in a track game by the purple flowers that Cruz picked up.

Trapped in separate rooms, Eden and Cruz find themselves isolated with their married clothes. Guided by the same impulse, Cruz dresses in his costume and Eden dresses in her wedding dress. The one like the other then cross the magic mirror and find themselves on the cliff, above the ocean. There, they evoke their wishes, this love that permeates every cell of their bodies. Cruz confides that this place is inhabited by the essence of what they are. Eden assures him of her love. They kiss each other tenderly, filled with the same love as two years ago, while the waves come to run aground against the cliff.

Back to the hotel, they discover that the place has also come back to life : the garden is resplendent with flowers, the lawns are mowed up close, the leaves collected. The hotel woke up from its long sleep. Thanks to Eden and Cruz, the heart of this place beats again. Life infiltrated into every nook of Pebble Creek, at the same rate as new love circulates in the two lovers' veins. Eden found the part of love that she carries in herself since the first day of their meeting. Cruz allowed himself to be invaded again by his love for Eden. Having found themselves, they can open themselves to the other and let love take possession of their beings. They are reunited again.

Suddenly, Cruz carries Eden and leads her into the hotel. There, in a room, as on the first day, as for their wedding, they abandon each other and make love. They wake up, confident, their eyes directed towards the horizon. Eden is the first to face her double, her alter ego : this double dressed in red is all that Eden is not. The double would not hesitate between Cruz and Robert; she would take both. Then it is Cruz's turn to meet his double. It is a harder version of the real Cruz; he is arrogant, contemptuous, and he has only one desire : to fight with Barr. He doesn't care about the harm he might do around him.

Eden and Cruz end up waking up side-by-side as after a bad dream. However, they keep within them the memory of this strange (bad) encounter. They prepare their suitcases and, as they leave the room, they throw a last look towards this haven of peace and love which belongs to them, and which is intimately part of them. While approaching the door, they are surprised by their alter ego who start to dance. Under their eyes, Eden and Cruz do the same. And the magic is working again...

While dancing, they are transported in time and space to find themselves on a beach in Santa Barbara... If this is not where their story began, surely it is where their story must continue...

Pebble Creek... A unique and special place. The stair climb and its small balustrade are undeniably linked to Eden and Cruz, to their love... This land materializes the strength of this love, it roots it, allows it to grow and grow. Rare fact in the world of series, a place seen twice, beyond Eden and Cruz's memory, knew how to penetrate the collective unconscious of the televiewers. No one is unaware of the surroundings of this timeless wedding. Nobody forgot the Pebble Creek hotel, the cliffs, the stables, that corner of lawn where one day the “I do” was pronounced.

Text written for this site by Lilian