Max Reardon




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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Private investigator


? :
August 10 1984 (# 10) to August 14 1984 (# 12)


Hired by Santana Andrade to spy on C.C. Capwell's comings and goings (Santana hopes so to find a clue to lead her to her son), Max Reardon is a young private investigator who has just opened his office in the city.

Very fast, while she comes to ask him for some news, Santana realizes Max Reardon's absence of honesty. After the visit of the young lady, he hurries to warn C.C. Capwell to inform him about his investigation.

Mad of anger, Santana comes to find him to require from him to pay her back. Being afraid of nothing, she even threatens him. And Santana thus obtains no information on the localization of her son. What she ignores, it is that very soon, her road will cross the road of a five-year-old little boy and his foster mother...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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