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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Journalist at KSB 8


Judy Kain :
January 23 1990 (# 1381)


Journalist at KSB 8, Anita O'Shea has the reputation of a formidable journalist, even if Augusta Lockridge doesn't believe it. Her nickname in the business is the "shark". Anita is doing the interview for KSB 8 to talk about Dark Victor, Augusta's horse and also to celebrate her return to town.

Anita makes Augusta believe that the microphone and the camera are off, and she sneaks her into talking more about Anthony Tonell than about Dark Victor. And confidently, Augusta gives confidences about her husband, about his dishonest activities and, of course, about her strong appetite for money.

Anita exults; she has a fantastic interview there. After editing and integrating the words taken in "off", this interview is broadcast on KSB 8. The result is catastrophic for Augusta and her image : she appears greedy, malicious and one of the leading heads of the Mafia.

Anita did not go against her reputation, even in the face of one of the town's greatest vipers.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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