Delores Sanchez




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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Nurse


Irene De Bari :
August 07 1984 (# 7)


Her character appears to us for the first time in Santana Andrade's memories, because Delores Sanchez is a character from the past. Her shadow glides in the life of Santana, who is ready to leave for Acapulco and face Dr Ramirez and his nurse.

Delores Sanchez is the nurse who, on August 21 1979, obeying the doctor's orders, put the hand on Santana's eyes so that she cannot see either the face, or the body of her own child. Indirectly, she participates in the plot orchestrated by Ramirez and C.C. Capwell, to remove the child to his mother and to give him to a perfect stranger, Gina DeMott.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Irene De Bari