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May 11 1987 (# 708)


Friend of Cain Garver's, Clint comes unexpectedly at this latter's home at his request, to know what Eden Capwell (in convalescence at his home) thinks of him. Cain wants to ensure that Eden is not afraid of him and that the idea of staying with him begins to make its way in her mind.

Clint brings stuffs to Cain, and the newspaper of that day. While reading it, Eden learns that the Capwell family, in order to honor her memory, made a donation to the university of the town. Aware that Cain does not want her to get in touch with her family, Eden wants to give Clint a letter for her family. Clint declines her demand, using as an excuse the inability to find a mailbox for the next few days.

Leaving the cabin, he makes a detailed report to Cain, who waits outside the cabin.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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