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January 08 1988 (# 864) to January 19 1988 (# 870)


Discouraged to be in the incapacity to have a child, the Liptons hired Rita Grant so that she is the surrogate mother of their child. Beyond the money paid to Rita, the Liptons placed all their hopes in her and in this child to come.

Shattered by Rita's decision to go back on her decision, the Liptons hire Mason Capwell to prosecute her, in order to find a legal way to obtain definitively the custody of the child. Because, it is an obvious fact for them, even if they do not really live the pregnancy, this child is theirs, and this has nothing to do with the money they paid. It is because Rita is their only hope to have a child that they appear at the informal meeting with Julia Wainwright, then Rita Grant's lawyer. They remain deaf in Julia's explanations, justifying themselves by the fact that they waited for more than six years before finding a surrogate mother who suits them. This situation is also emotionally difficult for them.

They also attend powerless the muscular interrogation of their lawyer in the judge's study on Rita's financial situation to her eclampsia crisis. Also powerless, the Liptons watch Rita fighting for her child at the risk of her own life. Mason's words open them the eyes on Rita's behavior who loves this child to come to the point to demand to Dr. Scott Clark that he saves the child first and foremost. That is why they make the decision to let her the child, having become aware of Rita's love for this latter, and of her capacity to be a good mother.

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