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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Butler of the Capwells  

Ian Abercrombie :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to February 18 1985 (# 143)


Linchpin in the achievement of the plot of the first episode, Philip is the butler of the Capwells, who allows the story to repeat itself during the party of July 30 1979 on one hand (the party in honor of Channing Capwell junior) and on a second hand the one of July 30 1984 (Kelly and Peter Flint's engagement).

In what could be the pre-credits sequence, it is on a silver tray that Philip brings a note to Channing Junior. This note will lead him to his fate : he will be assassinated in the villa.

Screenplay effet for the opening of the show : five years later, Philip brings in the same way a message to Mason Capwell. This latter goes at his turn in his father's office. Curiously, this does not seem to disturb neither Philip, nor Mason to have to relive this succession of events which led to a tragedy in the past. There, in the office, instead of a bullett shot, is a shot of anger from C.C. Capwell which is waiting for Mason, following the release on parole of Joe Perkins.

Philip, over the episodes, will lose some importance in favor of Rosa and Ruben Andrade, the other Capwell employees. This handover will be made more easily because of close links which link Santana Andrade to the Capwells. In his other appearances, Philip will have for only duty to introduce the guests in the villa. His quite heart attack, when he will surprise Santana and C.C. Capwell languorously kissing each other in front of the heavy wooden door, will mark the disappearance of his role.

Main axe in the screenplay effects of the first episode, Philip fade over the time. It is regrettable, over the long storylines, not to have appealed again to Philip. It is sure that he could provide details about the life at the villa during the early years of the Capwell children.

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