Dr. Charles Marcus




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Profession : Researcher at the Santa Barbara university      

Michael Fairman :
February 23 1987 (# 654), March 13 1987 (# 668)

Donald Craig :
May 29 1987 (# 722) to June 03 1987 (# 725)


Entering his office at the university, Charles Marcus meets two policemen who are none other than Jeffrey Conrad and Kelly Capwell on the run. He immediately recognizes Kelly. What she ignores is that he is a friend of her father's. Very quickly, he develops a plan to help them. He phones the district attorney under Kelly's feared eyes, and offers him an appointment in his office. What Keith Timmons does not know is that he did not come to him under his real name.

Always with the aim of assisting his friend's daughter, the powerful C.C. (certainly for subsidies), he goes to Eden and Cruz and allows them to organize a future meeting with Kelly. Indeed, Charles teaches them where they hide.

Dr. Charles Marcus will be seen again later, always acting on behalf of a friend. This time, it is obedient to the request of another scientist that he comes to see Jeffrey and offers him a job of assistant in his laboratory. This scientist is none other than Dr. Alex Nikolas, who is currently in Paris. Charles Marcus explains to Jeffrey that, in a few days, he himself will be able to ask all his questions to Dr. Nikolas. Jeffrey finds a moment later a photo of his mother in the company of Dr. Nikolas.

A man of science and research, Dr. Charles Marcus is characterized by being a loyal and faithful friend.

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Michael Fairman

Donald Craig