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Year of death : 1987


? :
November 12 1987 (# 825) to November 17 1987 (# 828)


Cellmate at the Santa Barbara prison, Jesse is the first one to make become aware of the life which is going to live Cruz Castillo in San Quentin : for a former policeman, the life over there will be terrible. Jesse does not hesitate to talk to him about his own experience. Condemned three years ago to fifteen years of prison for an armed robbery, he is ready for anything to escape. He already ran away once, but he was caught up before crossing the Mexican border where his family was waiting for him. To try to convince Cruz to join his project, he entrusts him that he prefers capital punishment rather than life imprisonment.

Jesse's words eventually convince Cruz. He is ready to accept Eden and Cain's plan : to escape during Kelly and Jeffrey's wedding.

As Cruz does not want to try his luck, Jesse chooses to seize the opportunity alone. He calls a guard so that he accompanies Cruz to the lie detector. Then, he makes district attorney Keith Timmons come to him and takes him as hostage. Surrounded by other police officers, Jesse has no more choice. Cruz succeeds in saving Keith, before that a police officer shoots Jesse down.

It is to thank him for his intervention that Keith eventually agrees Eden's request : Cruz will attend Kelly and Jeffrey's wedding, under guard, just before being transferred to Saint Quentin State prison.

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