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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Doctor  



John S. Ragin :
November 01 1990 (# 1581) to November 07 1990 (# 1585), July 15 1991 (# 1754) to August 19 1991 (# 1779)


Dr. Grant Jameson appears for the first time in the beginning of November 1990, at Kelly Capwell's bedside, victim of a fall in staircases. Faithful friend of C.C. Capwell's, it is him who has the responsibility to announce to Kelly that she is paralyzed and risks to be never able to walk again. He brings however the idea that her paralysis problems are maybe more psychological than really physical. In spite of the trust that the Capwells have for him for years, he disappears from the screen after some episodes, to reappear only in July of the next year, this time with a much shadier personality...

While we thought he was a general practitioner, here he is responsible for the psychiatric ward of the Santa Barbara hospital, where Santana Andrade is treated for several years. This latter, feeling victim of an exaggerated medicalization and prisoner of the doctor, calls in for help to her old friend Warren Lockridge, who comes at her bedside. As he forbids Santana any visit, as well of her mother Rosa as of Warren, Dr. Jameson seems to consolidate the charges this latter lays against him. Indeed, it seems that helped by a faithful nurse, Dr. Grant Jameson takes pleasure to give drugs to his patients and to keep them unwillingly in his service without reason, just for financial motives. Even Dash Nichols, who temporarily comes to work with him during his community work, notices anything, and believes in the professionalism of this old experienced doctor appreciated by all.

While one evening Santana succeeds in stopping alone her treatment and in escaping from the hospital, Dr. Grant Jameson finds her along a deserted road. He rushes at top speed against her with his car to knock her down, and hides her body in bushes. He joins then a party in his honor organized in the Oasis, without suspecting that Santana survived and was driven to the hospital. When she recovers, this latter resumes her accusations against the doctor, and draws this time the listening of her friend Cruz Castillo and the lawyer Julia Wainwright, who both agree to help her. No much time is needed so that a witness who saw Dr. Jameson knocking Santana down is found, and so that a trial can open against him.

It is Mason Capwell who takes his defense, convinced as the rest of his family by the innocence of the doctor. Santana stands firm, and testifies in the court without sure proofs can however confirm her accusations. The manipulation that Michael Donnelly exercises on the nurse accomplice of the doctor led this latter to appear in court, while Dr. Jameson is called as a witness. In front of his accomplice, Grant Jameson goes to pieces and understands that he cannot continue to lie any more. Struck by a impulse of honesty filled with remorse, he suddenly makes a confession and recognizes his guilt, while apologizing to Santana and to the other patients whom he mistreated.

The storyline around Dr. Jameson so comes to an end as so fast and abrupt as it had begun. It is clear that it especially aimed at offering a comeback in the show to Santana and at making Warren play her valiant knight. The fact remains that the intentions of Dr. Grant Jameson would have deserved to be less abstruse and his personality, very fluctuating, better drawn...

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