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Profession : Judge


Gretchen Wyler :
October 20 1987 (# 808) to November 17 1987 (# 828)


Considered as one of the most severe and the most straight judges of the county, judge Monica Larson was chosen as the judge who will conduct Cruz Castillo's trial for Elena Nikolas's murder.

Honorable judge Monica Larson has to watch throughout the debates the many law deviations from both parties so that the members of the jury can make a right opinion and the closest possible of what really happened in the Laser Palace. She succeeds in maintaining a fragile balance in the debates during the interrogations of the Capwell family members, in front of the district attorney's excesses. Repeatedly, she has to summon the defense and the prosecution in her study to call them in to order. However the situation eventually gets on top of one when Cruz tries to strangle Keith Timmons face to everyone.

Moved by Eden Capwell's need to enjoy her right to visit Cruz, and also shocked by Keith Timmons's despising behavior towards law, she grants Eden's requests and allows, under precise conditions, a right of access to Eden.

Judge Larson has regularly to refuse and put back in place Keith when the defense calls on to new witnesses, as Harold Jenkins and the veiled woman. She refuses to extent a session to the defense, guaranteeing that Cruz had a just and fair trial.

At the end of the deliberations, it is her who asks Cruz to get up and to face the jury, and the clerk of the court to read the verdict, when Cruz is declared guilty of premiditary murder.

During the demand of release on bail, she has to face again and again verbal sparring matches between Keith and the defense, which perturbs all the debates. Then she chairs a new session : the reading of the judgment. Before the reading, she reminds to Cruz his crime : the deliberated murder of a human being of cold blood, and that for such a crime, the State law recommends capital punishment. According to the recommendations of the jury, she transforms it into life imprisonment matched by a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years. However, she accepts Keith's request : to allow Cruz to attend Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad's wedding, so making possible his escape plan...

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