Captain Edward Anderson




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Former known girlfriend : Amelia Bartley

Profession : Captain in the British navy


Barry Sattels :
March 30 1988 (# 921) to April 01 1988 (# 923)


The story of Captain Edward Anderson in Santa Barbara is intimately connected to Amelia's, his fiancée, and closely to Pebble Creek, this love harbor at the edge of the ocean.

It is Helmut who for the first time openly makes a reference to the Captain, on the occasion of Eden and Cruz's check-in. Then, his story is told to the future newlyweds by the manager of the hotel, Fielding Coe. Captain Edward Anderson is a character of the past, of the end of the XIXth century. His story is beautiful and tragic.

The young man, captain of the British navy, was betrothed to Amelia Bartley, the daughter of a rich businessman. At the helm) of his boat, he had just crossed the oceans to join the Californian coast and to marry the sweet and beautiful Amelia. His boat was approaching the coast under Amelia's look who watched for days the advance of her handsome captain. While his boat moved forward on the streams, a violent storm raged, shaking dangerously the boat.

Winds, rain, ocean were soon stronger than the Captain's determination and the resistance of the boat. After a long moment of fight, the boat broke; waves and storm were the strongest during this painful duel, taking at the bottom of the ocean, the boat, the cargo, the crew and Edward Anderson. And it is under the look of his fiancée that Captain Anderson sank for eternity in the waters of this ocean which he loved so much. The next day, while the storm had stopped to give way to a calmed blue sky, his body was found on the beach, beside Amelia's, dressed in her bridal dress.

Today, the story of Amelia and Edward crossed the years to become a beautiful legend, whose love seems to have invested Pebble Creek in its smallest nooks, in its slightest plot of land, in the lightest breath of air. Everything here seems dedicated to the infinite love of the lovers who were not able to concretize their love by their wedding.

And if he appears today in our time, it is because he knows that when we really love, there is always some hope. Always... And the love which unites Eden and Cruz is certainly this glimmer of hope. In each of his appearances, Edward wears his costume of the British navy : a beige coat with shoulder straps.

It is in the Pebble Creek gardens, at the foot of the house, that he appears to surprise Gina Capwell while she was spying the arrival of the wedding guests. He answers very politely and evasively each of her questions. He suddenly disappears after having given his name to Gina.

His second appearance is for Cruz, immediately after his fall off a horse. He knows that Cruz is expected at a wedding and that it is an opportunity for him that he passed here. He indicates to Cruz the direction to be followed to get back to the hotel. While speaking with him, he confides him that he knows the paths better than anybody because he knows them for a long time. Moreover, he could reach the sea blindly. He disappears then suddenly before collecting Cruz's wild flowers bouquet.

He is seen then, a smile on the lips among horses, after having removed the pin of the carriage borrowed by Gina and Keith Timmons. Thanks to his intervention, the wedding of Eden and Cruz can take place without the slightest incident.

Edward Anderson will appear furtively in Eden's eyes after the ceremony in bridegroom's dress, where he is joined by Amelia. They both move forward to the ocean, hand in hand, to the new happiness which waits for them... Towards this new life which offers itself to them...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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