Jane Kingsley






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Identity   Interpreter

Year of death : 1990

Father : Charles Kingsley

  Profession : Dealer   Crystal Chappell :
March 30 1990 (# 1429) to April 06 1990 (# 1434)

The reunion between Jane Kingsley and Eden Capwell Castillo are done thanks to Eden's cameraman, in the heart of the investigation on the new drug (the Ice), which falls on the city.

Jane, a privileged woman, sees wide opened in front of her all the gates of the Santa Barbara high society, including C.C. Capwell's Country-club. This is where she usually officiates. Among her clients, Jane provides, among others Rob and Linda, Eden's cameraman.

Linda is hospitalized after an overdose, what allows Eden and Jane to meet each other. After the moment of surprise because they are old school friends, Eden questions Jane for her report. Eden pretends to be consumer of crystal meth to follow, by means of Jane, the network which distributes all this drug in the city. They ignore that at the same time, they are spied on by Rob, Cruz's informer. Unfortunately, Jane is punished for her carelessness by Marcos Llamera, one of gang leaders obeying to Kahana's orders. And it is on the port of the city that her dead body, due to an excessive injection of Ice, is found by Eden, Cruz, Michael Donnelly and Nikki Alvarez.

Jane is one of the first victims of the Ice, new storyline of the year 1990 which allows above all Kirk Cranston to be back in the limelight and to pursue his dream of revenge against the couple Eden and Cruz.

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