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Complete name : Samantha Eden Wainwright Capwell

Date of birth : June 1987

Father : Mason Capwell

Mother : Julia Wainwright


Danielle Marie Dierkes :
June 18 1987 (# 736) to December 13 1988 (# 1102)

Caitlin Moore :
December 21 1
988 (# 1108) to October 24 1991 (# 1825)

  Erin Moore :
December 21 1988 (# 1108) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)

What marked the most Samantha Capwell's debuts is her conception ! At the end of 1986, Julia Wainwright wishes to have a child. But single and independent, she does not want to burden herself with a father, after several sentimental failures (Jack Lee, David Laurent…). So she goes in the idea to rent the services of a man who will be of use to her only as a maker for her baby.

After Brick Wallace, she proposes her project to Mason Capwell who accepts. Lawyer as her, Julia then makes him sign a funny contract, which stipulates that their relation has only for only purpose to get her pregnant and that he will have no right on the unborn child, either legal or emotional. Mason signs and, after some fruitless attempts in bed, Julia falls pregnant. Embarrassed by Mason's unpredictable behavior and by his wedding with Victoria Lane, Julia denies during a time being pregnant with him and invents a relation with Pearl Bradford. This is thus she gives birth alone in June 1987, in the Santa Barbara maternity hospital. Samantha's birth coincides with the disappearance of Mason, kidnapped by Elena Nikolas during many weeks. Mason will just have had time to come and see his daughter to the hospital, and to share a brief moment of emotion together.

Samantha, quite as Chip, Victoria's son, is kidnapped shortly after her birth by Paul Marshall, owner with his sister of an adoption agency which kidnaps babies to resell them to new parents. Fortunately, Paul does not have time to run away very far and the drama is avoided for Samantha. It is about the second kidnapping attempt by Paul Marshall, the first one having not succeeded thanks to Victoria's intervention. Progressively, all Julia's close relations understand what is the identity of Samantha's father, until Victoria herself. It is one of the reasons that lead to the end of Victoria and Mason's marriage, so allowing Julia and Mason to get closer. Samantha then finds her parents finally united, in spite of the pact which they had forced themselves to sign at first.

But the relationships between Julia and Mason remain conflicting, in particular because of this latter's alcoholism. Being afraid of repercussions on Samantha, Julia repeatedly threatens Mason not to see his daughter any more, even going as far as starting a legal action to take him away from her. Samantha attends powerless, as a simple spectator, the war that her parents engaged. And it is in her mother's arms that she attends to the wedding of her father (who considers himself as being Sonny Sprocket) with Gina DeMott Capwell, having for only role to prevent this union by obliging her father to find his real identity.

Samantha grows up, baby-sittered by her childminder Mrs. Cobb during Julia and Mason's working days and travels. In spring 1992, her parents remarry and leave to settle down in Ballymoor manor house. It is there that new adventures begin for Samantha, in a house which is considered at first haunted. It is thought that Samantha is victim of hallucinations when she speaks about ghosts, until she falls seriously ill and almost dies. The intervention of Dr. Micah DeAngelis saves her life, by administering her the serum which cures her of the Sholen syndrome.

While she remained an only child for six years, Samantha ends the show in January 1993 with a new sibship : her parents adopt Chester Lively, the baby of the young Gracie whom they welcomed at home, and Julia falls pregnant too. A beautiful good-byes present for the cute and wise Samantha...

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