William Addison




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Identity   Interpreter

Real name : Wallace Arnold

Profession : University professor


Tom Ligon :
May 06 1987 (# 705) to May 14 1987 (# 711)


When William Addison comes into Dr. Sharon Knowles' office, it is as a man who is seeking information to assist a person in his family who has been raped. In fact, he comes to discover the new address of Lucy Pickett. In addition to her home, William Addison discovers that the young woman, still haunted by the trauma of her rape, attempted to commit suicide.

The reality is quite different. William Addison is actually Wallace Arnold, Lucy's rapist. At that time, Lucy was her assistant. While he was conducting research in his office, and after having drunk, he called Lucy in his office. Using his authority, he held her against her will and raped her. Following the trial, Willam lost everything : his family esteem, his work and his peers' recognition that goes with it. Hoping to regain all, he comes to Santa Barbara with the intention of revenge.

As Cruz finds out later, during his investigation at Monterey prison, Dr. Addison was sentenced to two years in prison and was paroled after one year and a half. In his quest for revenge, he harasses the young woman on the phone, whether at the Capwell guesthouse or at Johnny's Place. Feeling trapped, he does not hesitate to try to kill Cruz by depositing some drug in his tequila. Then, disguised as a doctor, he goes to Cruz's hospital room to finish his job, where Elena Nikolas saves his life again.

The trap developed by Cruz leads Addison to take as hostage Elena in Cruz's home, and offers a curious exchange : Lucy against Elena. After a gunfire exchange, Addison manages to escape. Then, he returned to the Capwell guesthouse, in the only purpose of finally ending with Lucy. Here, Cruz's trap closes on him. Wounded by gunshots, he will then be taken to the hospital at first, then certainly in prison.

The stalking against William Addison combined to the need of protecting the young Lucy Pickett allowed Cruz to divert his mind from the terrible tragedy that struck his life : the disappearance of Eden.

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