Harry Winslow




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Identity   Interpreter

Year of death : 1988

Former known girlfriend : Andrea Bedford (198?)


Profession : Secret agent


Tony Cummings :
January 20 1988 (# 871) to February 01 1988 (# 879)


INID secret agent, Harry Winslow (a.k.a. Anthony Garner) is an integral part of Cruz Castillo's past. Today, Harry is Andrea Bedford's team-mate. It is moreover through the exchanges of memories of Cruz with Eden or Richard Matthews that we discover Harry's personality, before discovering him physically.

Harry was Cruz's team-mate as from his integration to the agency. Together, they participated in missions in Asia, in Africa, then in Europe (period when Cruz met Eden Capwell for the first time). Very fast, a strong friendship settled down between the both men, although Cruz recognizes him a severe defect : he plays on several boards. Moreover, it is a little because of Harry that Cruz, more than ten years ago, left the agency. Having discovered that Harry was going to pass Eastward, Cruz had had then as mission to intercept him and so to prevent Harry from giving confidential data to the KGB. During the mission, the both men (the mentor and the pupil) found themselves face to face and Harry did not kill Cruz (by friendship ?), although he shot him at point-blank range.

It is in Hawaii that Harry's name resurfaces when Richard Matthews announces to Cruz the return on the American ground of his former team-mate. Harry came back to prevent a meeting between heads of States (and maybe even the president of the United States) which will take place in the Capwell Hotel. Back in Santa Barbara, the tracking between Cruz and Harry begins. To try to locate him, Cruz uses Harry's tastes : for red prostitutes (the woman he loved was red head and she died one week before their wedding) and for Don Pérignon champagne.

Answering a prostitute's advertisement, in Tiffany's absence, Harry kidnaps Eden and asks her to deliver a message to Cruz : he is making a big mistake in his approach of this investigation, the situation is not as he believes it. Accused of Tiffany's murder, he swears that he is not the murderer. Harry, who looks above all for Cruz to give up this case, observes him on a daily basis. A furtive meeting between the both men, very too brief to bring answers, takes place in a movie theater of the city.

Avid to clear up the past, their past, Harry goes to Cruz's where he falls on his sister Carmen. He kidnaps her and leads her in his den : a wooden house which he rents weekly on the harbor. Joined by Cruz, Carmen is released. The both men can finally talk to each other freely. Harry explains that he never was a traitor, but that he is a double agent. His current mission is to render harmless an international terrorist, the Fox, whom he suspects of being a woman. Before he could tell more to Cruz, Harry is shot by a bullet, shot by a woman...

Harry will have briefly crossed Santa Barbara, bringing with him elements on Cruz's past, before his meeting with Eden. His character allows to give also more body to the Fox storyline and to make hang over a true ambiguity about the character of Andrea Bedford.

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