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Profession : Architect


Joseph Dobish :
December 02 1987 (# 838)


Jarvis is at the bar of the Orient Express when he has to face the questions of district attorney Keith Timmons. Jarvis is the architect who made renovation work within the Capwell villa for C.C.. The amount of the works came to 100 000 dollars. We can suppose that these works took place in 1985, after the earthquake which destroyed a part of the villa and after the explosion at the origin of the collapse of the secret tunnel.

Jarvis refuses to answer Keith's questions. But Keith wants to go further than this. He even threatens him to make his company close if he persists to be silent. Jarvis eventually gives up and he reveals to the district attorney the content of his works and consequently the existence of the tunnel which connects the study of the Capwell villa with the Lockridge villa : tunnel which allows among others Eden to leave the Capwell villa unnoticed.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Joseph Dobish