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Profession : Doctor


Michael Swan :
November 21 1984 (# 83) to February 12 1985 (# 139)


Practitioner at the Santa Barbara hospital, Dr. Bresley counts among his patients, Peter Flint. He is the one who takes care of Peter during his heart attack. He bursts into the room with his team, a few seconds after he confessed to Kelly that Mason was present in the study, the day of Channing Junior's murder. He supervises the cardiac massages and the adrenaline injections which allow, in a second time, Peter's heart to beat again.

He then has to manage Peter's coma, when during a lively conversation with Mason, his infusion gets disconnected. He explains to Kelly that one of the possibilities is that Peter tried to commit suicide by disconnecting his infusion. Then, obeying Mason's orders, he signs a release that allows Mason to move Peter to Dr. Smith's clinic, in order to ensure his safety.

Later, after Peter's release from the private clinic, he summons Peter to his office to report the results of the tests and the CT scan he made of him. Dr. Bresley arrives late for his consultation, which already puts Peter in a state of advanced anger and frustration.

Dr. Bresley has today the daunting task of making a delicate announcement to his patient, and he knows that Peter Flint is not just any patient. He tells him that he suffers from a brain aneurysm, which, because of its location, is inoperable. Faced with evasive answers as to the time left to live, Peter gets carried away. He understands that this aneurysm could be the reason for his murderous behavior. Peter gets angry, looking for an explanation for what is happening to him. In his sick brain, he sees only one explanation : Kelly Capwell.

Fully aware of the seriousness of his health condition, Dr. Bresley comes to his home one day to check on him. He quickly notices that his patient does not follow his advice : he does not rest (he does strength training) and he did not go to the pharmacy to get his medication. He tries to explain to Peter that the drugs will certainly not cure him, but they will help him to face his illness. He uses all his persuasion and determination to make Peter understand that it is his duty as a doctor to help him get better. He orders Peter to listen to his orders and to take an appointment as soon as possible for a new consultation.

Summoned to the Capwell villa by Cruz Castillo, he is asked to bring a medical vision to Cruz's questions. He chooses to break medical secrecy in the face of the urgency of the situation; Peter is suspected of kidnapping Kelly Perkins. He tells Cruz that he has a non-operable aneurysm. He thinks he never took the prescribed medication. For him, the pressure of the aneurysm may explain his behavior.

Despite his best efforts, Dr. Bresley will not be able to force Peter Flint into treatment and to prevent the monster in him from taking control...

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