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Profession : Judge


Michael Griswold :
January 03 1991 (# 1623) to January 16 1991 (# 1631), August 13 1992 (# 2029), October 19 1992 (# 2076)


Judge in Santa Barbara for several years, the path of Judge Avery crosses many times that of lawyer Julia Wainwright, as well as that of the Capwells. Just and benevolent in the various cases he has presided, he always sought the truth and the best possible compromise for all concerned.

In January 1991, honorable judge Paul Avery has the heavy task of saying if the accusations of rape made by Julia Wainwright Capwell against Dash Nichols are founded or not. The preliminary hearing must answer this serious question, especially since the accuser and the accused had previously had consensual relationships. Judge Paul Avery does not want any outburst in this affair. He knows that a case brought by district attorney Keith Timmons and which concerns the Capwells can only be agitated. He listens carefully to the speeches of Belinda Bradley, Dash's lawyer who explains that the file is empty, then that of Keith Timmons.

The first testimonies will be decisive. After having well listened Mason's and Julia's, judge Paul Avery announces to Dash that in his eyes, the data brought by the accusation are sufficiently important for a trial. The conclusion is without appeal for Dash; a trial will take place a few days later, to Julia's great relief.

Judge Paul Avery is a man of a certain age who focuses on the facts and the law. Of a firm character, he naturally imposes respect in his court - perhaps he knows that with a district attorney like Keith Timmons, the scandal is very close. During the trial, we find in his court Edward Nichols, Dash's father who comes to support his son, Michael Donnelly who will be brought to testify, Augusta Lockridge who comes to support her sister, and journalist Eden Capwell who comes to cover the facts.

He and his jury listen carefully to the facts and the testimonies of Edward Nichols, who evokes the past and the first accusations of harassment against his son. Then that of Michael who reveals his past relationship with Julia. Then Julia and Dash tell their own version of the facts. Judge Paul Avery manages to maintain a certain calm in his court, until the announcement of the verdict. For the jury, the decision is final : Dash is innocent. After a few seconds of amazement, Judge Paul Avery faces Julia Wainwright's anger, rage and frustration. She goes after him, the justice system, the jury, even though it was made of a few women. Without realizing it, in her words with the judge, Julia announces her desire to take the law into her own hands...

Judge Avery will be asked a year later for two important cases : the adoption of Channing Capwell II and the trial for murder of B.J. Walker. It is in his own office that the meeting between C.C. and the reconstituted Lockridge clan takes place. It is with joy that Lionel and Gina sign the adoption papers under the eyes of Minx (disillusioned) and C.C. (sad and dismayed to see his flesh entrusted to his worst enemies), who will also end up validating the adoption. At the end of the meeting, Lionel gives his hand to C.C. which he ends up shaking. Judge Avery can be proud of this moment, which represents a great victory. In the heads of the two clan leaders, it is certain that through this handshake, C.C. and Lionel think about the past : yesterday it is C.C. who raised Lionel's (supposed) son and today it is Lionel who will raise C.C.'s son...

A few months later, Judge Avery shows up at Julia's house. He knows Julia and Mason for several years, he knows their fiery characters... Professional and benevolent, he comes to make sure with the principal concerned that (defense lawyer) Julia and (judge) Mason will manage impartially the upcoming trial, because indirectly, it is B.J.'s life that will be played in their hands. He wants to know how they will manage the trial and the media noise that will be made around it, because it is obvious to him that the press will put on the front page the particularity of this trial, where judge and lawyer share the same bed. Will they talk about the trial at breakfast ? he asks them. And even if Julia and Mason assure him that they will know the balance between their personal life and the trial, Julia even offering to leave the home, he gives them a bit of advice : he hopes that the trial will not destroy their marriage ! The future will show us that for the first time perhaps, both of them have shown themselves to be adults...

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