Felicia Dalton




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Assistant of the district attorney      

Phylicia Rashad :
September 05 1985 (# 284) to September 09 1985 (# 286)


Assistant of district attorney Tony Patterson, Felicia Dalton participates in the investigation into the murder of Steve Bassett, who also worked at the district attorney's office. Professional, she understands very quickly that the story told by Ted Capwell and Christie DuVall does not hold water. Their description of the murder scene contains too many imprecision and incoherence in the course of the facts : she does not believe that Steve could turn his back on Christie to threaten Ted. She even entrusts her doubts to Cruz Castillo, with the hope of influencing the testimony of young Ted Capwell.

Felicia is in charge of doing the interrogation of Ted Capwell. Even if she explains to him the risks and consequences of false testimony, she does not succeed in making him change his statement. Felicia has no doubt : he is lying.

The next day, it is the turn of Christie DuVall to undergo her questions. Again, despite the fact that she knows she is hiding the truth since the beginning of the interrogation, she affirms that she knows that she is lying, but she does not succeed in cracking her.

Her decision after the interrogations is final : she confirms to the district attorney the idea of a trial for the murder of Steve Bassett.

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