Elizabeth Conrad




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Year of death : 1982

Maiden name : McClain

  Married to : Jeffrey Conrad (198?-1982)  

? :
June 19 1987 (# 737)


Dead for a few years, Elizabeth McCLain Conrad does not come to haunt his husband, but Kelly, his new fiancée. It is through the personal diary that Kelly reads with frenzy, that we discover her personality.

The similarity between both women is obvious : they are blond young women with a similar physical appearance, heiresses of a rich family, psychologically fragiles, and looking for love, ready for it to challenge their family.

Elizabeth quickly falls in love with Jeffrey because she finds him different from the other men. But very fast, in Elizabeth's mind, the fairy tale gets transformed into something darker. She retranscribes each of her dark thoughts in her personal diary : her doubts about Jeffrey, her fears whether he is not the man she hoped for… She even goes as far as writing that she is afraid that he can kill her.

Elizabeth's doubts and fears evaporate from the lines of her diary to come to overlap to Kelly's. The last written lines raise fears of the worst...

Elizabeth will be found dead some times later, further to an accident, behind the wheel of her car. The reading of her personal diary clearly lets suggest that Jeffrey is her murderer. This latter will be arrested, then judged. The verdict will not be as high as the expectations of the young woman's family because Jeffrey will be neither convicted, nor acquitted, due to the lack of proof to make tip the balance on one side or the other.

The reality is quite different : Elizabeth committed suicide, performing her death to persuade of Jeffrey's guilt. Psychologically unstable, Elizabeth had begun doubting the sincerity of Jeffrey's feelings towards her, building herself a parallel universe in which she had no other possibilities than to die to release herself from him. Elizabeth's shade will quickly become blurred of the Santa Barbara sky, allowing Kelly and Jeffrey to love each other completely, without fear neither of the past, nor of the future.

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