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Profession : Doctor, administrator of the Santa Barbara hospital


Robert King :
April 04 1988 (# 924) to April 06 1988 (# 926)


Contrary to what might be expected from his position, it is not in his office but in the hospital's services that the exchanges between Dr. Joseph Noah and the practitioners of the institution take place. In fact, it was mainly lively discussions, virile oppositions, between him and the young doctor Scott Clark.

There is no lack of subjects of opposition between the director of the old generation and the doctor of the new one. First, Joseph Noah criticizes Scott for his appearance : the image he gives is not that of a professional doctor. He then reproaches him for giving up too easily the positions on which he is offered to work (Scott has given up his position with drug addicts).

For his part, Scott openly opposes his director at the time of the death of Jerome, the black child and friend of Jake Morton's, hit by a car. This tragic death is the pretext for Scott to question Dr. Noah, to reproach him for the waiting times and the lack of equipment in the services. In this altercation, Scott even accuses him of treating the rich patients differently from the others. Dr. Noah opposes Scott, justifying that he is doing his best to fill the gap in the state's money.

However, the real subject of opposition between the two men remains Victoria Lane Capwell. Scott supports her candidacy for volunteer nursing assistance, recognizing that this help is essential to the services, and that it is also important to the former addict. Dr. Noah is opposed to this candidacy, shocked that a former drug addict could be hired. But he is obliged to give in in front of Scott's insistence.

Joseph Noah seizes a theft of narcotics to charge Victoria without the slightest evidence. During their meeting, he accuses the former actress, suspends her and demands that she gives her volunteer badge back.

As a true master on board, Dr. Joseph Noah wants to run his hospital according to his wishes. No doubt that, later on, he would find real support with the arrival of Dr. Arthur Donnelly; the two men sharing the same conception of the appearance of a doctor and of authority...

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