Frank Goodman




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Identity   Interpreter
Date of death : August 10 1992

Profession : Police officer


Nicholas Walker :
June 16 1992 (# 1989) to January 14 1993 (# 2136)


Old friend of the Walker family (he is considered as uncle Frank), Frank Goodman arrives one day in Santa Barbara to find his friends Jodie and Reese Walker. He comes from Florida where he certainly lived several years with them, to find them in California. If his reasons seem noble at first, very fast the truth appears and we discover that under the image of the perfect family friend, hides a real monster capable of the most despicable crimes.

From his arrival, he is warmly welcomed by the members of the Walker family, with the exception of B.J., his goddaughter. This latter seems very perturbed by this return. Frank quickly reveals his secret : he sexually abused B.J. for several years, during her childhood. And from his return, he harasses the young woman again to find back the relation which they had years ago. As he does not succeed in his plan, he then changes of abuse, and he regularly belittles the young woman, in particular regarding her need to write.

Trapped and pushed in to the limit by the events, Frank is obliged to admit his crimes to Cruz Castillo, who discovered everything because of the tattoo he has (Rachel Ann : the name of the fictional character created by B.J., and who was abused like her). But Frank is not ready to lose everything because of B.J., and the monster who usually lives hidden inside of him bursts out in broad daylight. He promises to Cruz to admit everything to Jodie and Reese, but instead of it, he organizes a trap for Jodie and Cruz : he locks them into an old disused warehouse which is going to be destroyed soon.

Obeying his intinct, Frank agrees to believe and to follow B.J. when she appears at him, in exchange for the life of the hostages. Both run away in the desert. Warren Lockridge and Sawyer Walker, B.J.'s brother, leave to their research. After a violent confrontation with Sawyer, Frank dies.

A long trial will allow to reveal Frank's past : during his childhood, he underwent too the assaults of a predator, Eugene Simmons, who sexually abused of him. We shall also eventually discover the truth : Frank committed suicide. Frank's memory will come to haunt B.J. for a long time, until the day of her wedding.

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