Se˝or Escobal




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Identity   Interpreter

Married to : Margarita  Escobal

Child : Maria Escobal

  Profession : Mayor of Bambero  

Santos Morales :
February 25 1988 (# 897) to March 01 1988 (# 900)


As mayor of the small village of Bambero, Senor Escobal has to face a terrible situation : the hostage taking of children in the village church, and among these children is his own daughter, Maria. He seems to be overwhelmed by the situation : he has no helicopter in the village and he does not have the means to reply to Kathleen's requests. He understands very fast that Cruz Castillo and his American friends are the right men for the job, and he orders to Renata to obey Cruz's orders. Repeatedly, he brings his support for Eden, as to reassure himself.

At the children liberation, he decides to organize a small Mexican celebration to thank Cruz and his friends.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Santos Morales