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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Press secretary of the governor of Baja, Mexico


Theresa Saldana :
April 13 1987 (# 689) to April 15 avril 1987 (# 691)


The meeting between Carlotta Quilvar and Cruz Castillo takes place in the dining room of the Orient Express, a few minutes before the reception in honour of the governor of Baja begins. The objective of Carlotta is double : at first, she tries to maintain good relations with the forces of the country, then she wants to verify that officer Cruz Castillo is such as he was described to her.

Carlotta, who sees in Cruz a symbol of success and integration, a little as a legend, does not hesitate to make him sheep's eyes, while assuring him that she will do everything to make his stay as pleasant as possible. Carlotta is a direct woman, and she cares very few about Cruz's wedding projects (he has to leave back to Baja in Utah, to marry Eden Capwell). During the interview, she makes him the proposition to offer him the job of liaison officer between California and the State of Baja. Disregarding Cruz's remarks, she recommends him not to refuse this last journey as a single man : an unforgettable and fruitful experience.

In Baja, Cruz's stay is far from looking like a picnic. Ceaselessly posted beside the governor, Cruz aspires only to a single thing : to leave these places to join Eden and to make so that she becomes Mrs. Cruz Castillo.

Carlotta comes to get on to Cruz again in his bedroom, in bathrobe, pretending not to understand that Cruz does not want to support her presence. Carlotta is ready for everything to seduce him, being sometimes ready to appear ridiculous. She even finishes at the door, when she says uncalled-for comments on his future wife and his future in-laws.

Carlotta comes back to look for Cruz, shortly before a big reception. And while he puts his tuxedo on, Pearl Bradford comes to look for him and to warn him that Jane Wilson was assaulted by Ken, the man who turns out to be Hayley Benson's rapist. Without the slightest regret, Cruz leaves Baja and its intrusive press secretary.

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