Wilma Grayson




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Identity   Interpreter

Sister : Betsy Grayson

Profession : Baby-sitter


Christina Cocek :
April 06 1988 (# 926) to April 15 1988 (# 933)


To compensate the disease of Mrs. Mallory, Victoria contacts an employment agency to find a new nursemaid for Chip. This is how Wilma Grayson gets overnight acquainted with Victoria Lane and young Chip. Wilma presents strong references, she took care of children since the age of 15. She shows at once a real interest to the child and requires to see him, even if he is sleeping.

During the few days of her mission, Wilma shows herself attentive and attached to Chip. Of course, very fast, she has to adapt herself Tori's schedule change : Wilma is brought to keep Chip beyond what was planned. Wilma does not complain and takes care with attention of him. Fragile and unstable, Wilma quickly comforts herself in the idea that Tori is not a good mother, too much occupied with managing her career and her work at the hospital; that Mason is not a good father, too often absent.

Back from a walk, she makes the decision to take him away from his parents and to keep him with her. By leaving the apartment, she leaves a note for Tori's attention to warn her that she leaves with her son, that she will be a very good mother for him and that nobody can find them.

Pursued by the police, Wilma takes refuge in second-rate hotels of the city. She meets many difficulties in calming the boy, who remains insensible in all her promises of happiness to come. While the owner of the hotel threatens to throw her out (the other customers complain about ceaseless tears), Wilma takes it out on Victoria through television. Victoria Lane's message airs continuously on local channels.

Denounced by the owner of the hotel, she is led in the offices of the Last resort agency to be questioned by Cruz. Facing his questions, Wilma plays the innocent ones and swears that she does not understand and that she did not kidnap young Chip. She remains deaf in Tori and Mason's supplications, and defends herself by explaining that Betsy, her sister, and all the other witnesses lied : she did not steal Chip to his mother. And, much to her surprise, Cruz lets her leave, free.

Wilma leaves the hotel and goes taking refuge in a cabin on the beach, under the discreet surveillance of Cruz and Pearl. During a phone conversation with Mason, she confronts him on the dreamed life which Victoria and him can offer to Chip : a childhood filled with solitude… On his side, Mason succeeds in making her doubt, by guaranteeing to her that she can offer anything to Chip, because she will be pursued, day after day. The unexpected arrival of the police prevents Wilma from giving Chip back to Mason.

Mad with rage, she sets fire to the cabin and runs away on the quays. Face to the ocean, in the fog, she tries to reassure Chip by telling him stories of her childhood which, at the time of his parents' quarrels, had the power to calm him. Surprised by the arrival of Cruz, Wilma threatens to throw herself and the child into the ocean. Through his words, Cruz understands very fast that she transposes the sufferings of her own childhood on Chip. And that to accuse Tori of being a bad mother can not justify her act at all. Tori is not her mother...

Wilma's last wills give in when, in front of Tori and Mason, Cruz asks her to give to Chip the chance that she would have loved to be offered to her. And, because Wilma glimpses a little of Tori's love for Chip, she eventually gives the baby back to his parents.

Very fast, Wilma Grayson's page will be turned and the life of Chip will pursue its course, towards a new stage to be overcome...

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