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Profession : Lawyer


? :
April 17 1986 (# 438)


Steven Coates is a lawyer from the east coast of the United States. He arrives in Santa Barbara, mandated by Grant Capwell, to ensure the defense of David Laurent, then suspected of being the murderer of his wife, Madeline.

The meeting between the client and the lawyer is done in Cruz Castillo's office. David has just been arrested. Steven Coates takes David by surprise. He insists : Grant sent him to defend him. David's reaction is not the expected one. He refuses the east coast lawyer's help, assuring that he never sought Grant's help.

The opposition between the two men is strong. The lawyer assures his client that he is there to defend him, to defend his interests. He says that he is a good lawyer with a good reputation. But David stands by his position : he does not want him. For argument, David specifies that he knows that his objective is not to defend him, but just to let him appear guilty so that he languishes in prison. David is not fooled, his real job is to make him disappear in the eyes of the Capwells.

Steven leaves Cruz's office wishing David good luck. And it is another lawyer, Julia Wainwright, who will be defending David Laurent, with the consequences we know...

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