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Profession : Chambermaid at San Marcos motel


? :
February 15 1988 (# 889) to February 16 1988 (# 890), March 11 1988 (# 908)


Today, Madeleine is an old woman who spent a big part of her life as a chambermaid in the San Marcos motel, modest inn, clandestine meeting place most of the time between lovers. It is moreover there that Pamela Conrad and Hal Clark met secretly.

In this year of 1988, Madeleine becomes very requested because, as Ben Clark supposes it, she may keep in her souvenirs clues about the disappearance of his brother. Because as Pamela and C.C. Capwell are afraid of, she certainly possesses an element of proof proving their guilt in Hal Clark's disappearance.

If Madeleine swears to Ben, who came to question her, that she remembers nothing of what took place in room 106, she wonders about the reasons which urge Ben to investigate into the disappearance of his brother, about thirty years ago. Madeleine keeps nevertheless the precise souvenir of those years. She hurries to contact Pamela and to summon her in room 106 to confront her with the past. In front of C.C. and Pamela, Madeleine suggests them that she knows what happened to Hal, and that she could lose the memory for 250 000 dollars and forget that they are the last people to have seen Hal Clark alive. C.C. buys her silence for him and Pamela. On the other side of the wall, Gina DeMott and Keith Timmons try to spy on the conversation and to discover indications on Hal's disappearance.

A few days later, Madeleine has to face Gina and Keith's fraudulent attempts to take away information from her. Keith uses of his position and Gina makes believe she is a judge to try to make her admit what happened thirty years ago between Pamela and Hal. Madeleine, in spite of her visible fragility, resists Gina and Keith's harassment and, even if she meets Pamela by leaving the place, the 250 000 dollars she earned will close forever the door of her souvenirs.

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