Greta Bayley




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Nurse      

Liz Sheridan :
May 28 1985 (# 214) to May 30 1985 (# 216)


Nurse in a hospital of Los Angeles, nurse Greta Bayley seconds Doctor Renfro at the time of Amy Perkins' childbirth. It is her who tightens the child right after his birth to his mother and Brick Wallace so that they can see him and kiss him. It is also her who, on the orders of Doctor Renfro, immediately moves away the baby from the look of his mother. Lastly, it is still her who acknowledges to Brick, while he investigates about it, that the death of the baby is suspect. Indeed, she ensures to him that at the moment of the birth, the baby was perfectly well and that he did not suffer from any respiratory problem.

This is why, strong of her experiment, she suspects that something is not normal in all this story and that she advises Brick to look for answers in the files of the hospital. It is as from this moment, and thanks to the intervention of  nurse Bayley, that Brick Wallace has the certitude that Amy is not insane when she strongly cries out that her child is not dead. And he then begins to research the child.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

May 29 1985 (# 215) to May 30 1985 (# 216)

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