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Angela Alvarado :
May 07 1990 (# 1455) to May 15 1990 (# 1461)


Leah is a young woman who grounded on a desert island, about six months ago. Her island is near Kahana island, the island Kirk Cranston's den. It is what she explains to Nikki Alvarez and Michael Donnelly when they ground in their turn on her island. Leah is happy to be able, thanks to Cruz Castillo, to leave this island isolated from everything and to be able to join Santa Barbara.

There, she is close to drown herself in the ocean, near Eden and Cruz's house. She owes her life only to the intervention of the Castillo brothers. Ric calls to his older brother for help. Miraculously, Leah finds slowly her mind back not by Cruz's presence by her side, but because he wears on him the magic talisman of the shaman.

This is one of the first miracles realized by the power of the talisman.

Tire of these adventures, Leah will leave the city to join very certainly her loved ones who stayed without news from her for long months.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Angela Alvarado