Grant Capwell






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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1991

Father : Emmett Capwell

Brother : C.C. Capwell

  Children : Madeline Capwell, Courtney Capwell

Former known girlfriend : Pamela Conrad (195?)

Profession : Businessman


John Considine :
June 11 1986 (# 477) to June 30 1986 (# 490)


After having lived all his life in the shade of his brother, Grant Capwell is well decided, in spring 1986, to take his revenge on C.C.. While two months earlier, he has just lost one of his daughters, Madeline, we discover his arrival in Santa Barbara on the occasion of secret negotiations which he undertakes with Lionel Lockridge for several weeks.

Grant's story is filled with bitterness. Younger, he was repudiated by his father to have stolen 1 million dollars to Capwell Enterprises, what he always denied. Since then, he remained persuaded that it is C.C. who plotted everything against him to eliminate him from the family inheritance. When Grant obtains from Lionel the name of the one who trapped him, Grant is stunned : it is T. McDonald Lockridge, Lionel's own father ! C.C. however knew about the identity of the culprit and let Grant to be accused by their father without saying anything.

Grant tries then to obtain proofs of his innocence and asks for Mason Capwell's help. To join him to his cause, he tells him the second treason of which C.C. showed guilty towards him : this latter formerly stole him his fiancée, Pamela, Mason's mother. But Mason, too much worried by personal problems, does not follow up Grant's repeated demands for help. This is the way he disappears from the screens, without any continuation being given to his thirst of rehabilitation against C.C., what nevertheless promised some spicy moments.

We shall hear about Grant once again next year : in summer, 1987, he asks Ted Capwell to come to Boston to give him the management of the wine-making company RoseRidge. But the scene happens off-screen.

Finally, it is at the beginning of 1991 that we hear about Grant for the last time, and for a very good reason : C.C.'s brother died. The next year, Mason takes this pretext to gather his family under the motive of a funeral ceremony and, instead, organizes his wedding-surprise with Julia Wainwright. A new way to belittle Grant again and to make known his few importance in his family's eyes...

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