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Identity   Interpreter

Year of death : 1990

Profession : Shaman


Ned Romero :
May 07 1990 (# 1455) to May 11 1990 (# 1459)


The shaman of the Sakhites tribe arrives one day in Santa Barbara with the only aim of finding his successor, the spiritual leader capable of guiding the members of his tribe. The first appearance of the Shaman is done with Ric Castillo : he is looking for Cruz, and requires Ric to tell him where his older brother is (this latter is then on Kahana island with Kirk Cranston).

The character of the shaman is surrounded by mystery and magic associated with the old Indian beliefs. Before he rings the Castillos' doorbell, Cruz faces strange elements, such as sudden gusts of wind....

During their first meeting, it is a weak and sick man who introduces himself to Cruz, while this latter has no idea about the motives of this man who seems to know him. The shaman questions him at first on what evokes for him the words Sakhites and shaman. Cruz confirms him that his mother, Carmen, is a member of this tribe. Cruz is very surprised when the old Indian gives him a strange gift : some eagle feathers. This gift is part of an old tradition : the transmission of power from a shaman to another shaman. Cruz does not understand the meaning of his visit and he does not feel concerned. The shaman then talks to him about his uncle who has always known that he was someone special. He leaves him some time to accept this idea. The shaman disappears almost magically, once Cruz has turned back.

It is then at the police station that the two men find themselves agin. The shaman surprises Cruz while appearing almost in front of his eyes. The old man's state of health has worsened. Despite Cruz's efforts, he does not want to go to the hospital. And just as during his first visit, the shaman gives Cruz a gift : this time, this is an old stone turned as a pendant, on which is drawn a face : Cruz's face. Before giving him the stone, the old man briefly ensures in a few words the transmission of power between the two carriers of the talisman. Cruz, who refuses the gift, can not return it because, once again, the man seems to have disintegrated. By looking at the talisman, Cruz has the surprised to realize that the face carved on the stone bears an uncanny resemblance to him.

During his investigation to find the Indian, Cruz finally finds his motel room and goes there with the intention to give the talisman back to the shaman. He learns from a maid that he is dead and that he is going to be buried. Cruz goes to the scene with Michael Donnelly, who says a few words. The coffin falls and, like by magic, the stone is found. Cruz gets it back, seeing this as an omen, and decides to keep it in memory of the old man. Cruz becomes then the keeper of the talisman and the shaman of the Sakhites tribe, the talisman giving him strength and power...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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