Janice Harrison




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Identity   Interpreter
Real name : Wendy McCormick

Married to : Dr. Mark McCormick (198?-1986)

  Former known boyfriends : Dylan Hartley (1985), Mason Capwell (1985)

Professions : Dr. Mark McCormick's secretary, chauffeur of the Lockridges, model, waitress at Buzz's Place


Kathy Shower :
September 10 1985 (# 287) to March 24 1986 (# 420), October 07 1986 (# 558), October 15 1986 (# 564)


Sweet and cheerful, the sexy Janice Harrison enters Santa Barbara as the girlfriend of Dylan's, Nick Hartley's brother. As she looks for a job, she obtains the place of chauffeur for the Lockridge family, not sparing with a new eccentricity. At the arrival in town of Dylan, Janice realizes that they both have too little in common and decides to break up after a few weeks.

She takes the initiative to play the models and pose for photos somewhat barren for a charm magazine. Janice even gets from Nick to realize the pictures himself. These pictures will help her to awaken the interest of Mason Capwell, who became her official boyfriend at his break-up with Mary DuVall at the end of 1985.

These are these pictures that also put on her tracks Dr. Mark McCormick, Mason's rival in Mary's heart. This latter is indeed looking for her because Janice, turning out rich of an unsuspected past, is actually married to Mark. It turns to be that at the time she was still called Wendy, Janice has witnessed a medical error committed by Mark, who caused the death of a patient. She was then beaten by this latter in order to keep her silent. Janice finds herself followed and assaulted by the husband of Mark's victim, who asks for repair. She owes her safety only to a brave Mason.

As soon as she gets a divorce, Janice hastens to warm Mary about the danger represented by Mark, and tries to dissuade her from marrying him.

She disappears from Santa Barbara a few times later, without a real good-bye.

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