«I love to be exhausted.»

 BFranck Ragaine, Télé Poche, 1989

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"I loved my character in Santa Barbara. Careless and full of humour, Janice Harrison was very pleasant to play". That makes however more than two years that Kathy Shower gave up (in the United States) this role of driver of the Lockridge family. Her time in the show propelled her among the stars. She is claimed from every part of the world. "This summer, I must go to India to make some promotion. Over there, the show is followed by million televiewers."

Kathy Shower was already known but in a very other register. Because this young actress is rather accustomed to lay down her charms on erotic films. A career which enables her to expose all her sensuality without finding there the pleasure that she simulates there. "The hot scenes that I play do not mean anything for me, I do my work and this is all." A career she does not disavow. That she faces with the education of her two daughters, Mindy and Melanie. "So that they understand what really occurs, I take them along on the stages and they see that finally no feeling binds me with my partners."

Even her parents who had raised her in a small puritan city of Ohio, had been filled with enthusiasm to see their daughter becoming the playmate 1986 of the American magazine Playboy. "The photos were very artistic and it is what counted more in their eyes", she declares. A perfect anatomy that she carves at the rhythm of an intensive training of dance and clappers. "I like to be exhausted in this discipline, I have the feeling to be able to express myself there with more sincerity that when I am in front of a camera."